Delineating 'Predatory Policing'

I'm continuing my thoughts from this post.

This morning at around 9:15 AM, after the rush hour has come and gone, I was driving back to my house in Compton along Central Ave. 

I'm driving about the speed limit. 

And right on cue, in my back mirror, an LASD sheriff's black and white is tracking behind me.

My heart sinks.  My eyes zip right over to the speedometer, meticulously making sure that I'm driving 40. 

About 10 seconds elapse, I check to see if the black and white is gone.  Nope still there, behind my relatively slow drive, as I cross 120th and Central.

Finally, I breathe an air of relief when the LASD black and white switches lanes around 135th and Central.

Predatory policing:  when the police make it seem as if they're out to get you, as if they're waiting for you to do something wrong.  That's in opposition to what I think police should do as peacekeepers;  responding to problems.

An incident of predatory policing actually happened to my wife two years ago in the City of Carson.  She got the most frivolous ticket ever.  She once got a ticket from an LASD sheriff for bringing her dog to the park.

The City of Carson actually has written into code that you can't bring  Yes, you read that write,  No dogs at a park within City of Carson maintained facilities.

The signage wasn't all that visible in the parking lot nor elsewhere in the park.  There was even two separate people who brought even bigger dogs immediately after her run-in with this sheriff.

Luckily, when I tried to bring this ticket to City Hall in Compton to pay for it, or take it in to see what would happen, the ticket was not in the system, and the clerk herself was confused about why exactly we got the ticket.

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