Dodgers Radio Team on AM 710 Is Kinda Biased

...and that would be expected.  Heck, maybe it's what the station managers told them to do to keep their main listeners listening and interested.

But, from my perspective, it is cringe-worthy listening to their in-game commentary while rooting for the other team.

Yes, I am a Cubs fan, and have been since Triple Play 2000 for the Playstation (1) and a pixelized Sammy Sosa was featured on the CD cover.  Though I will admit that I've only dropped in and out of following them depending on their fortunes --- this year I am glad I get to tune out of UCLA football, phew less sports to follow.
I had only listened to these Dodgers announcers once, on Tuesday, for Game 3 and I already decided then that I was done with them unless the Cubs were winning thoroughly.

The only reason I bothered listening is because I was on the way home from work, captive to the radio, and the Cubs were already up 8-2, or so last I'd checked on my The only reason I bothered listening is because I was on the way home from work, captive to the radio, and the Cubs were already up 8-2 last I'd checked about 5 minutes before I got to the car.

My Evidence

When I tuned in yesterday at the top of the 9th inning, they spent a Cubs at-bat talking about how some Cleveland Indians' player had a wedding registry.  I'd already figured them as homers and were bellyaching so bad, so it was kinda satisfying to hear them blabbering on about something else.

But what annoyed me was this.

They use A LOT of hopeful, suggestive intimation towards Dodgers good fortunes, whether it's suggesting how the Dodgers could do this, or the Cubs (or the team the Dodgers are facing) could fuck it up.

For example, when I was listening to the game on Tuesday, which the Dodgers won 6-0 with Rich Hill's pitching beating out Jake Arrieta's.  The Dodgers were able to get lots of people on base.  Throughout the commentary they kept mentioning how Arrieta and the Catcher Miguel Montero were not good at preventing runners from stealing bases.  They then juxtaposed that talk with describing how fast the Dodgers runners were. 

What made it annoying was not that they mentioned this at all, but that they flooded their commentary spelling this out, almost acting as a primers for Dodgers' coaching strategy.  It was like they were egging on, rather than just remarking on it.   

Another example, Cubs closer Aroldis Chapman was pitching yesterday.  The Cubs were already up by 6 runs.  The Dodgers were able to put some runners on base. One of them kept mentioning that he had not thrown a ball over 99...meaning...obviously...COMEBACK!  He did let us know that a pitch had reached 100, but he glossed over that.  They just kept talking about how a closer could come in rusty or how perhaps the Dodgers could tire him out for Game 6 by upping his pitch count.

Anyhoo, full disclosure obligatory mention of Billy the GOAT.  I still remember 2003, and genuinely feel sorry for Steve Bartman. 

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