A Cute Moment at Chase St. Park

An sunny Friday afternoon.

My litany of arm exercises at the gymnastics playground.

The gymnastics playground is a favorite not just of menly push-up-pushing men, but plenty of little kids as well.

The plenty of little kids particularly gravitate towards the elevated uneven bars, usually grabbing on to one side. Some use it as their personal chin-up or monkey bar. Plenty use it to lay their legs over the bar, suspend themselves in mid-air with no hands and tumble.

At this particular moment, I was on one side of the elevated bars. I was doing my 3rd set of dips.

One the other side of the elevated even bars, a 5-8 year old kid ascended the elevated bars. He grabbed one side, used the other side to lift himself up and standing on the even bars.

Beneath him a little light-skinned somewhat pudgy boy looking up at the athletic exploits of this kid. The pudgy boy inquired, in the lightest, unsurest, tiniest, mouse-like voice "are ya scared up there?"

He clinged to one side and attempted to lift himself.