Holiday Hilarity

So...very last minute shopping.

I waited until 6 PM today to start shopping, which left me with not too many stores. It was between the general big boxes, supermarket, the drug stores, and Discount Dollar.

The general big boxes with all the fancy stuff closed at 7 PM.

I rushed to get some things in from the last big box store. La la la, everyone rushing, cue Holiday music, cue knowing smiles from everyone. Holiday music being the main provider of atmosphere.

"So hear those sleigh bells ringin', ting ting tingalin' too.... come on it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you..."

"Deck the halls with something something..."

Same as the drug store. Rushing, holiday music, smiles.

Same as the supermarket. Rushing, holiday music, smiles.

But the moment I stepped into Discount Dollar... "smack that, all on the floor, smack that, give me some more, smack that, 'till you get sore..."

A different kind of music. I could feel the rush of the street.

What was missing were the Red Light District lights, poles, beverages and women you wouldn't want to share at a family party, and we would've re-created a mini-version of my Christmas five years ago.

I made my way to the toy section.

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