The Worst Bike Path Ever: Carson St. in Lakewood

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What I dislike:

  • How invisible the bike path is to a bicyclist from the street. My chain come off my wheel in the middle of peddling. Once I came to a complete stop, I had to move to the sidewalk. Only then did I notice that there was indeed...a bike path. Very few visible signage.
  • The bike path creates a situation where drivers will see bicyclists on what looks like a sidewalk. From seeing bicyclists on sidewalks, it potentially creates the expectation in drivers that bicyclists belong just on sidewalks and not the streets. We don't need drivers to feel more entitled to the streets, thus even more annoyed at bicyclists.
  • Near Long Beach City College (the Carson campus), the bicycle lane also functions as a sidewalk. Very annoying to both bicyclists and pedestrians because of all the potential collision. The markings on the lanes help a little bit, but there's still a lot of pedestrians on the lanes at any given school hour.
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