What's Up Could Mean a Lot of Things

Playing basketball down at the court on San Fernando Rd. and Macon in Glassell Park with my friend Brian.

Hot-ass day.

Friend named Gary comes later and helps us on to victory against a taller team, a game we weren't supposed to win because not one of us was taller than 5'9 and the other team had all the size and skills. The next game we drop, because I'm tired and it's a sweltering, smoking barbecued-up 95 degrees.

We lost, so we sit on the benches. Ever the social dude, Brian and I start talking about how I'm going back to school later this month and about Brian's undergraduate aspirations.

Gary, a dude who's quick to smile, comes down from a water break and sits with us.

Brian says to Gary, "why didn't you come out last time, I texted you!"

Gary, "Fool, I never got anything, you can check my texts."

Brian remains resilient, "Nah man, I texted you."

Somehow we all start talking about running marathons. Brian talks about missing the registration date for the Disney half-marathon; Gary slaps the bench upon hearing that he's missed the date. Brian tells us about his experience running LA and redeeming himself for 2008. He completed the LA Marathon last year, but he feels the need to redeem himself for what happened in 2008. Let's just say that there were a grand total of 2 or 3 people booing at what he did. Booooooooo!!!!

After this good catch-up, Brian says jokingly to Gary, "I almost didn't invite you last time. Remember when you thought I was gonna do a drive-by on you or something."

LOLwuttf? I was thinking.

"Yeah man, it was 9 or 10 o clock at night!" said Gary in a "Who does that?!" kind of tone.

"But I just said What's up?"

I was imagining the usually quick-to-smile, laid-back Gary getting tense at the shoulders with both hands on the wheel.

"Man, What's up could mean a lotta things. It could what's up, where you FROM? What's up can I have some loose change?

"But I have the gayest voice ever..."

"Doesn't matter, I was getting ready for anything..."

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