Video: Cerritos, CA on South Street - Where Regard for Green Forms of Transportation Goes to Die

I had to get brown rice from a Filipino market. Just had to.

None in Lakewood.  Had to go to Cerritos.

No problem.

Left on Paramount with a bike lane.  Just had to worry about making my way across 4 lanes to a bike lane.

Go north on Paramount till I reach South St.

I ride South St. Wide wide street, bike lane in a block.

Maybe one tight area, but mostly smooth sailing.

That is till I reach the Lakewood-Cerritos boundary on the same Street.

A cacaphony of bad and bicycle hazardry ensued.

That nice cushy bike lane devolved into this below:

I was so intimidated by traffic breathing on me that I went on the sidewalk.

And still found it difficult.

Again, continuing the themes in why No One F*cking Bikes of there being little room on streets for bikes, combined with high-speed traffic, and there being virtually no room for bikes on sidewalks.

On my way down as I tried to enter a mini-mall parking lot, I almost fell as uneven pavement threatened to trip my bike over.

The way back home from Cerritos was equally terrible.

No room for bikes on the street or the sidewalk. Speedy cars.

Another attempt at designing something just to say that they did it.

In the midst of the chaos that was Cerritos, there was one ray of hope: I did find one bicyclist:

Doesn't he make it look so easy?

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