Key Newspaper Articles for Biking in Long Beach

Interactive Quiz Answers on the Rules of Biking in Long Beach (Press Telegram) 11/7/2010

Bicycling Conditions
  • Mapping out the most dangerous intersections in Long Beach (Press-Telegram) 12/19/2009
  • Bike thieves are on a roll (Press-Telegram) 2/19/2012
Progress on Bicycle Condition Improvement
  • Bike Lane Progress in Downtown (Gazettes) 1/23/2012
  • LA County updates bike plan (Long Beach Post) 2/28/2012
  • San Gabriel Bike Path to Get New Surface (Gazettes) 3/14/2012

Development of Long Beach's Branding as a Bicycle-Friendly City

  • Long Beach receives upgrade to Silver Bicycle Friendly City (Gazettes) 5/26/2012
  • Long Beach rising in the rankings of Friendly-bike cities in America from #23 to #19 (Press-Telegram) 5/28/2012
  • The very recent history of Long Beach being named the "most bicycle-friendly-city in America" (OC Weekly Part 1 ) (OC Weekly Part 2) (OC Weekly Part 3) 5/31/2012

Bicycling and Economic Development

  • Bikestation Long Beach moves to Downtown (Gazettes)  8/25/2011 
  • Opening of Long Beach Cyclery (Gazettes) 12/1/2011
  • Cycling-culture entrepreneurs moving to bike-friendly Long Beach (Press-Telegram) 12/23/2011
  • Opening of Bicycle Stand (Gazettes) 1/17/2012
  • Report on Bike-Friendly Business Districts (Long Beach Business Journal) 1/31/2012
  • Pedaler Society Offering Grocery Delivery Service (Gazettes) 1/27/2012
  • City-wide Discounts for Bicyclists (Long Beach Post) 3/13/2012 
  • Bike Shops in Long Beach (Long Beach Post) 4/23/2012

Events and Group Riders

  • National Center for Biking and Walking Will Have Conference in LB in 2012 (Gazettes) 10/5/2011
  • Bixby Rollers (Gazettes) 10/13/2011
  • Dengue Fever Bikes Through Cambodia Town (Long Beach Post) 9/12/2011
  • Bike for Art's Scavenger Hunt (Gazettes) 3/30/2012
  • Bikefest Tour of Long Beach Brings in Money (Gazettes) 5/3/2012
  • Fourth of July Bike Parade (Gazettes) 7/1/2012
  • Bikes 90800 Giving Juvenile Offenders a Chance (Daily News) 9/30/2004
  • Introduction to Bikestation Long Beach (Press-Telegram) 7/21/2008
  • Long Beach Bicyclists provide education as defense against accidents (Press-Telegram) 12/20/2009
  • Long Beach Bicycle Hub (Long Beach Post) 9/29/2011
  • The beginning of the Women on Bikes Program to increase female ridership (Press-Telegram) 2/8/2012
  • Bike Safety Rodeos (Gazettes) 2/19/2012

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