Experiencing the LA Public Library Branch in Wilmington, CA

Been going to the Wilmington branch of the Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) system a handful of times, the last time being yesterday.

Its utility to me:

Internet, electricity, air conditioning, a place to get work done, and watch people in their oddness --- all for my favorite price --- absolutely FREE. 


1.  Working Wi-Fi.  Per most LAPL libraries, though one in South LA that I'd visited in 2008 didn't have one.  Also had a decent number of power outlets.
2.  It gets crowded when schools let out.  Quite a few want to use the internet.  The homework/copier room though is really empty.
3.  Bonus points for the job announcement boards.  Useful, though I'm not sure of the extent of its usability when the advertised jobs are for super-professional jobs with the City of LA, or City of Long Beach.


1.  No place to nap.  No comfortable chairs

Overall, a treasure in the community that should be expanded given the number of students who pour in after-school.  Noise might bother some people, but I'm glad the space got most of it all right.

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