The Primaries in LA: Greuel vs. Garcetti

It's been a toss-up as to who I was going to choose for Mayor, but I've decided:  Garcetti.

I haven't done enough due diligence, haven't watched the debates. All I know is the track record of each of the candidates.  If everything goes as expected, we'll see a Greuel-Garcetti mudslingfest till May where there will likely be a run-off election.

Anyone other than Greuel-Garcetti I kinda don't like (Perry, James) nor do they seem to viable solutions to handle all the work (Pleitez and the rest).

I've never looked at Jan Perry the same after watching a movie about her role and unresponsiveness in the South Central Farm's destruction. 

Kevin James is a Republican who's campaign is "I didn't cause of any of this mess."

Emmanuel Pleitez is inexperienced, though probably I would align with his views the most.  Looking forward to his political future.

The first time I encountered Councilpresident Eric Garcetti, I figured he would be Mayor of LA some day.  As late as yesterday afternoon, I was teetering on him and Greuel.

Smart, sensitive to the diversity of his district, seemingly approachable and available.  There was a Barack Obama-ey feeling to him.

I spent a bit of my high school and college days in my parents' apartment across from one of his field offices in Silver Lake. 

Without really being too engaged in local meetings, I felt and saw what appeared to be policy at work:  bike lanes, farmer's markets, a re-vived Silver Lake Reservoir, lots of new little businesses were popping up in front of me.  In retrospect, it's like he was the urban planner's type of mayor.  Not to mention the fact that he was one of the first councilmen to get behind the Filipino American veterans --- even my apparently Republican-leaning dad likes him.

I think he will make a fine choice for mayor, if not this term, the next one.  I know he is very inclusive and will represent my interests, and the change he was able to preside over was very remarkable.

Wendy Greuel, on the other hand, I think is a sleeper.  A darkhorse.  My gut somehow was telling me to select her.

She seems to mirror Garcetti's record, and I do like that she comes from the Controller position, the city accountant.  Essentially, it feels like we'd get a better city accountant, a budget manager with her on board.

However, it is curious that she didn't find much waste at the LA Department of Water and Power as her opponents are quick to point out.  If there is a runoff, we'll be learning more about her.

As for the other races, the only one that I'm really for is, in my ballot for the LA Community College District, I'm voting for former councilman, mayor, assemblyman, mayoral candidate Mike Eng in the 2nd District.

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