Discovering the Way West out of Compton by Bike - Chronicling Compton - March 6, 2014

Bits and Pieces of Compton

The Daily Life Review 
  • The Post Office on Santa Fe, really closes at 5:00 PM on the dot.  An unrepentant, uncompromising lady will slam the door in your face if you are a millisecond late.
  • The Bike Report:  Artesia Ave from Alameda/Santa Fe is nicely developed for biking Eastward through North Long Beach.  Sad that it doesn't really seem to lend itself Westward.  Speaking of Westward, I've also "discovered" the new, "somewhat" safe street that kind of carries me through Westward from Rancho Dominguez to Gardena to Hawthorne to El Segundo (the airport):  It's called 135th Street/Utah Ave (in El Segundo), which for me I started on San Pedro.  If it were a Yelp rating, I'd give this East-West thoroughfare three stars, mostly because there are plenty of sketchy sections with 40 MPH speed limits and 2 lanes, and a ton of cars during evening, when it's single lane, but it's as safe as it gets.
  • Speaking of bikes, a pothole on Central Ave near Alondra Blvd. almost killed my bike and me.  As I was merging to make a left turn, I ran smack dab into a pot hole, which slowed my bike considerably.  I was able to merge into the turning lane successfully, but it was kind of scary with oncoming traffic.  Potholes, potholes, potholes, they are the worst for both bicyclists and cars on Central Ave.

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