Now, Where Can I Get my Cumbia Fix? La Rockola 96.7 FM Is No More!

La Rockola 96.7 has not been for the past 2 months, but I have not noticed, figuring that the Ranchero music that currently dominates the station was just temporary every time I dialed into it.

But no, the Ranchero music is there to stay, for the time being, especially now that it's renamed "La Ranchera 96.7", to my absolute, utter, complete dismay.

 I'm like, really, we need another Ranchero music station?

I wouldn't have noticed this change because: 1) my dial is heavily tilted towards one of the public radio stations (89.3, 89.9, and 90.7) 2) my Spanish language comprehension still sucks 3) I really thought they were just going to play Cumbia eventually.

What the hell was La Rockola 96.7 FM?

La Rockola actually won OC Weekly's Best Radio station in 2012 and was described in the brief bit as "a heady mix of cumbias, salsa, the occasional quebradita and reams of sonidero."

It was a station that I got perfectly as I got on the 105 West and headed towards Santa Ana. Almost every time that I had work in and around Orange County, it would be time to tune into 96.7.

I thought of the station as loaded with Freshness. At least to me. Fresher than what appears to dominate Spanish language radio, which is slow, yawn-inducing male-dominated ballads usually incorporating an accordion.

What did La Rockola play? From what I think I Shazaamed specifically from them (either them or 90.7's lunch time World Music Cafe):


Here's more from their Twitter page and their La Estrella TV Page.

For about 8 years, I have been listening on/off to Spanish language radio in attempt to learn the language. I started off at KLOVE, not really not knowing any better. I even tried listening to Piolin on 101.9 when he was on, but some of my old co-workers, Mexican women, didn't really like him, so I kinda stopped listening to him and just kept with the the KLOVE. I developed a lot more taste and distaste as I've learned more of the language, and eventually moved on to stuff that the younger crowd might listen to like whatever was on what used to be Latino 96.3 and La Estrella 107.1.

I accidentally ran into La Rockola while attempting to find a radio station after 89.3 KPCC cuts after I reach PCH in Santa Monica. Ironically, I discovered that the music from 96.7 FM was not from Malibu, Thousand Oaks or wherever, but was from Orange County --- Santa Ana to be exact.

The discovery of this radio station was not an insignificant discovery as I Shazammed many a lunch hour away whenever I was within range. I never really really liked a lot of Spanish language music (and by "really really liked" I mean would actually seek out the music), till I discovered that station and Canto Tropical Saturdays on 90.7. However, this wasn't the first time I was really disappointed in a Spanish radio station being cut out. I used to listen to 93.9 Exitos after I noticed that one date I went on had put in on there, until it started having (and still appears to be having) its identity issues.

They played lots of pop Spanish, but it kinda beat the KLOVE and La Estrella 107.1 that I had been listening to for my own Spanish immersion.

I really hope that this is temporary and something else comes out. Hasta el proximo episode de Canta Tropical.

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