Cell Phone Zones in the Library?

About 90% of the time I'm at a library, I bring a laptop.  In fact I typed the bulk of this blog from a library right, the El Toro Library in Lake Forest.

Usually libraries have only a few "spaces" for laptops.  Spaces meaning "desk space" and a "power outlet."

To a library with which I am not acquainted or a busy library, it usually takes anywhere from a minute to 3 minutes to find a suitable place to settle at a space. It usually takes about a minute to unload the stuff.  The computer if not on standby takes another minute to unload.  That's about anywhere from 3 minutes to 6 minutes to settle down. 

The thing that messes up/threatens that settled downness? 

A phone call from work, which I frequently get when in a library.  Matter of fact, the library staff just told me to take the call outside, and I was on the phone for less than a minute.

A phone call from work is not usually a big deal in most contexts, but traditionally the public library has been the space of enforced "quietness."

A phone call from work means I have to do one of three things:  A)  talk really really low (my preferred option)  B)  go to a place outside and talk, while leaving my laptop at the space.  C)  pack up and leave and then go outside and talk. 

If I get clear-cut options, I usually opt for option A if I don't have anywhere to go immediately and want to remain in the library.  Option B, I'll take if it's clear that my talking would really disrupt the quietness.  Option C, I'll do if it's time for me to leave anyway.

However there are times when I'm combining option A and B, and it's just kind of frantic.  I am thinking specifically of the Santa Monica main library and the County of LA Library in West Hollywood, where in both modern, spacious libraries, I was trying to do option B, but found myself doing option A while trying to keep eyes on my laptop and backpack.  I mean, I don't think people would steal, but I'd rather not have taken any chance on a $1,300 laptop.

I think a few solutions would be:  a) some kind of cell phone zone/room located in an area with full visibility of my stuff.  This means altering the layout of libraries so that there isn't so much stuff in the way.  b) having a soundproof room with surveillance cameras (not a fan of this but...) c)  if the library is large enough, having one zone that is not rigorously subject to the expectation of silence/quiet.

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