A Legend Elsewhere, Just Another Jerk on the Freeway Here

I've kinda followed Steven Gerrard's career as a soccer player in Liverpool, England.  Liverpool is usually one of the best teams in one of the top soccer leagues in Europe.  As a crowd before games, they sing a very uniting, humbling song, "You'll Never Walk Alone," which is my favorite anthem of any sports team.

He was basically their everything-man, their longest-tenured captain for 12 years, which in any professional sports is an eternity.  He was an icon for not just English soccer, but all of soccer


The ESPN interview makes interesting points as they paruse through Venice Beach --- that's something a high-profile athlete here, ala Stephen Curry or Chris Paul, might not be able to do here, but might be able to get away with in a not-as-basketballed-up place like say, England. 

A legend elsewhere can be relatively anonymous and enjoy the public spaces here and probably vice versa.  I was heartened to learned that he has already taken in the LA experience of...rush hour traffic and road rage.

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