The Infrastructure Piece that Could/Would Make Bike Commuting A Lil Better

It's been a really long time since I've biked.

I think a new species of Spider has developed specifically to enjoy the facilities my Nishiki has been offering the past few months.

But I still keep an eye on what happens in bicycling related news, sadly more through the convenience of local TV news and radio than any of the great biking blogs.  I definitely feel like an outsider to the bike scene, but I've biked enough to still chime in on an online comments section full of drivers telling bicyclists how they need to get off the road.

The above innovation at UC Irvine is probably not news to anyone, but it's definitely news to me. 

The above photo of a bike station/stand (I don't know what the bloggers might call it) is equipped with a pump, tire levers, and, wrenches --- basically most any tool to get your bike back up and ready.

The above is exactly the piece of equipment a bike commuter would find useful.

It was completely empty when I came across it and did not look like it was used heavily, but I think it serves the purpose that of the "Call Box" on the freeway does or the air/water pump at the gas station, though I'm guessing that it wouldn't take off until someone found a way to charge/profit off of this.

Perhaps we need to map out "long commuter routes" where these stations/stands can be placed around the Southern California area.

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