Election Results from that November 3 Election

About a week ago, I participated in my first Compton election.  A very small one, with only 2 things to vote on.

I know that Measure A passed.  That means my family and I are going to pay an extra $100 in property taxes in addition to the $3,300 we owe.  Woo.  I'm not sure what I'd want Compton High to look like after all that tax money, but I don't really have high expectations.  Shooting from the hip, I think there is an "infrastructure of corruption";  in about 5-10 years we'll find out that the money was misappropriated.  Sadly, I expect it, especially in our town with plenty of social capital but very little economic capital. 

Normally I'd a voted money for schools, but I guess I'm just sour about our property tax bill and adding yet another expense to our fragile economic situation.  But in reality, I guess $100 a year won't kill us either, I hope.

If I had not been looking past the LA Vote page, I didn't really understand who'd actually been elected to school board, except that incumbent Micah Ali was definitely in, as the leading vote-getter in the race.  He was specifically named by the woman who approached me last week on my way to the polls as the guy NOT to vote. 

It appears that a some people really did not like him.  It appears one of the searing issues was of teacher layoffs. Unheralded in any news coverage that I regularly watch (KPCC, NBC4, CBS [the morning show bleeds over because of Colbert]), apparently teachers called a "sick-out" the day after the election.

Besides Micah Ali, we were allowed to choose two others, so Charles Davis and Sandra Moss are also in.  Neither of these people I know about, thought I've learned through her Facebook campaign page, that Sandra Moss is one of the people who voted No on Measure A.  Woot.

I guess now that I know a few names, I'm going to start actually following these people.

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