Conversation with a Man I Never Met

Rest peacefully, Mr. Willis Veluz-Abraham.

All I knew about you was that you were a bicyclist, UCLA grad, father, and husband to one of my undergrad advisors, Melissa, who served as a reference for me when I got out of UCLA. 

She was and probably still is a bomb advisor, a person in power that I always thought I related to best.  She was always trying to get me to join Kaymanan Ng Lahi.

I'd never met you, but I'd seen you existing in Melissa's picture frames, along with your children.  I looked at you guys and wondered, dang, what race is he?  Arabic?  Black?  Interracial mixing?  Cool!

I was happy for her and trusted her judgment that you were a good man.  I gave an awkward congratulations for your first kid to her over e-mail, and I didn't know you just had your second.

If you can, from wherever you are, I hope you can give Melissa, your kids, your other family members, and commuting and recreational bicyclists the strength to keep keeping on.


Brian J. Delas Armas

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