Running the Parks

As I've made my way up and down parks owned by the City of Los Angeles from the South Bay to the Valley, the one thing I like to do in all of them:  run.

Maybe it was Forrest Gump, maybe it's just habit, maybe it's the easiest way (for me) to feel like an athlete, but whatever it is, that's what I do when I'm not supposed to be writing a proposal, article, or thesis/dissertation.

When I lived in Silver Lake, I would lap Bellevue Park's dirt track over and over.

When I moved with my folks to the Valley, I would run the concrete perimeter sidewalk surrounding Panorama City Recreation Center.

Nowadays, you can find me every other day running either the perimeter or the grass at Banning Park in Wilmington.

But none of them compare to the one park I like in particular for running: the Sherman Oaks park.


Because of its sign and map indicating the distance of each running trail.

That's it.

I do use gmap-pedometer to see how much each of my runs (and bikes) are, but having the sign affirming the distance would be a permanent symbol for everyone to know how much is enough for them.

I think something as easy as that signage would create a lot more motivation, and make people perceive a space as "runnable."  You'd probably see a spike of more people outside running, which I wish I could confirm and observe, but at the moment can only propose, till a person or group of people with more clout than me make it happen.

Central Long Beach and those interested in "Building Healthy Communities", perhaps that's something to think about.

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