A Biking "Novice" on PCH from Wilmington to Long Beach (VIDEO)

After our bike-commute dominated trip to New Orleans which saw us cross an intimidating bridge (with sharrows though!) separating the Lower 9th Ward from the rest of the 9th Ward, I decided to get my significant other a townie bike.  She wanted something a little faster than her 40-lb cruiser, but not quite a road bike.

Previously, she'd used her 40-lb cruiser for anything bike-related.  She wasn't quite a novice, but she wouldn't bike on the streets if she didn't know bike law. 

One of the first things we did on her brand new used townie was bike from her house to her work (which would take me about 20 minutes).  I recorded our ride on camera.  I salute her for her bravery, but then again, biking to commute shouldn't be an act of bravery and heroics.

The number of times I look back is the number of times I felt nervous about the traffic creeping behind me, enticing me to look back.  It was a bit nerve-wracking sometimes, completely unsure if cars actually 1)  see us 2)  respect us on the road to a) enough to give us our room b) not yell, curse, speed up and cut us off.

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