So There's this Documentary Kickstarter about Pacific Coast Highway...

It'll be set in Malibu

The Documentary will be called PCH, which will stand for Probably. Cause. Harm.

They're going to focus on efforts in the Malibu community and why so many have been killed on the freeway.

It's a great title, and a great idea, and I feel for the filmmaker's loss.

However, I can't help but think about the PCH we have down here in Wilmington and Long Beach because without looking at the statistics, but merely feeling the pressure that drivers place on me as a bicyclist and the average speed traveled, the road down sure as hell doesn't seem safe for neither bicyclists nor pedestrians.

Just this morning near the Westbound biking route from Cal State Long Beach on PCH after the roundabout, a motorist was killed by slamming into a big rig. I've shared stories from other sites about how one woman was killed in West Long Beach, the treacherous route that more than a handful of school kids at Cabrillo High School took to and from, and I've even taken still video and video of my actual route to and from Long Beach and Wilmington.

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