Dissertations and Theses of Compton - Chronicling Compton - February 20, 2014

First, the Bits and Pieces of Compton

Daily Life Review

It's been 6 months here in Compton.

No news is the best news.

I've continued running my route;  I can't believe how slow I still am.  I haven't biked so much in the last two weeks, so nothing to report about biking. 

As of late, my fiance and I have been focused on wedding planning.  When we've had free time, we've spent it with friends or with each other from outside the boundaries. 

Were in Gardena taking in the Asian bakeries, the boba, the pho, the Asian dollar store.  At least I have.  For groceries, we still alternate between the 99 Cents store, Food4Less, and Trader Joes.  As far as eating goes, I'm tempted to try a Tam's burgers one time though. 

We've gone to the church that is technically in West Rancho Dominguez Hills in the middle of black history month, which means FREE breakfast.

We've played tennis one time, though we went all the way to Gardena for a court.  Yes in the home of Venus and Serena Williams, we have to go out of the city bounds for a damn tennis court.  We could've gone to Tragniew Park for tennis, but plastered in front of the entrances is a sign saying "PERMIT REQUIRED."  I suddenly understand the comment made in Spanish from Google, "We want the tennis courts open!"

All in all, everything's been swimming along.

The Dissertations and Theses of Compton

As a budding researcher with many interests, many a time I've utilized the ProQuest Search Engine in search of dissertations/theses related to anything about Long Beach, Cambodians, gangs, etc. etc.   

This time I was in search of academic dissertations/theses in "compton, california."

Dissertations and theses?  Dissertations and theses because this is people's culminating work.  Unproven people's culminating work.  Unproven academic people's culminating work trying to make themselves "proven."

From that search I've received two types of dissertations/theses as far as I can tell:  1) Dissertations/theses about Compton or parts of Compton itself  2)  Dissertations/theses that take place in Compton.

I'm far more interested in the first category, however, I think the second category can catalyze interesting discussion as well.

Here's a sampling of the Dissertations/theses that take place in Compton, the second category:

A sampling of the Dissertations/theses about Compton or parts of Compton, the first category:

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