My Secret to Escaping the Sunset-Barrington Intersection That Everyone Is Complaining About

And by "Everyone", I mean some residents of Brentwood.

Other than a taxi, Uber, or Lyft driver, I don't know how many people drive the variety of routes that I do in and around Southern California.  

I've actually had to go directly to Brentwood on Sunset before 7 AM on a number of occasions.

It's about 20-24 miles from me, so I leave my house in Compton at about 5:30 AM and usually get there with plenty of time to spare, sometimes at 6:15 - 6:30.  Coming from the 405, I don't experience such a crush of traffic, especially when it's still dark outside, and that's just my point. 

When I absolutely need to, I leave early and get to where I need to, including that Sunset-Barrington, corridor.  That's the secret!

But then again, that's just my own thing, which probably won't make for a good broad design solution to the problem for everyone.  Also, I'm coming Eastbound from the 405, usually childless, as opposed to Westbound from the 405, which seems to bear the brunt of the complaint.

On the way home, usually at around 9AM, I also have been subjected to this "one-mile, one-hour" traffic in the morning, but it never registered as seismically different from my many other traffic experiences on the 605 North in the morning or the 605 South in the Evening, the 105 East during rush hour, even getting to the airport when you think people are away at work.

I don't know of any other viable-all encompassing solution. 

Though tolls "might" work because theoretically demand is high but supply is low, but I'd think the affluent who probably make up most of the drivers will probably still pay to go on without any second thought.  The poor people like me, who work there, will be the ones feeling the hit. 

After that solution, I'm not sure how much changing traffic signal timing and street markings will do.

I've read the comments on the Facebook pages of KPCC and LAist about how they should've allowed transit to be built or how they should just bike. 

Yes, they should have allowed transit, but not much they can do about the situation now. 

A fraction of them can bike (though biking Sunset west of West Hollywood is really scary), but that won't work for those who carry cargo and/or kids.

I guess the only real solution is to make that area very unpopular and undesirable so no one will traffic the area;  that's the thinking behind writing this blog here!

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